Projection Design

Projection/ video design is the hardest theatrical design faculty to get right.  All too often it is either overbearing and distracting, or is an irrelevent afterthought completely uneccesary to the story telling.  Although all areas of design struggle with this balance, the way video immediatelly draws the eye makes it hardest to strike gold with projection.  In all his designs Saulius strives for total integration.  Does this imagery help tell the story?  Does it help flesh out a character?  Does it fill in some details of this imagined world?  If it doesn’t, its gone.  If it does, its gold.

Saulius’s weapon of choice for personal projects is Isadora.  He is also well versed Qlab and Watchout and believes strongly in picking the right tool for the job.  He is experienced in midi show control, TCP/IP control of projectors, and systems involving multiple playback computers.

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